Saturday, January 14, 2012

Through The Ages - Poll - Most Popular Leader

As we finish off this Poll, a new one begins!  Please vote and take your educated guess!

I ran a poll for the what players believed the most selected Age A leader is in a 4-player game.  I then analyzed 20 games to calculate the "actual" most popular leader.  Forum for discussion located here:

Poll Results
Most player's believe Julius Caesar to be the most popular leader, with Aristotle a close second.  I can honestly say I expected one of those two to to rank high as well, so the poll results don't surprise me.  Time to look at the data from the games.

All Hail...Moses?
Moses just barely beats Aristotle by a single game.  Julius Caesar comes in third at 14 games.  The rest are played in under 10 games.

Admittedly, a single game is not enough to determine if Moses truly beats Aristotle.  However, why would Moses beat out everyone's favorite: Julius Caesar?

Let's get some comments and discussion rolling!
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