Sunday, January 22, 2012

MagnaCon III Delays Blog

Sorry for the delay of the Card of the Week, but there is a good reason.  This Saturday we held MagnaCon III in Denver.  This event supports the Monday Night Gaming Group which meets at the Whittier Center.  All proceeds go to the Whittier Community Board to support the center.  Attendance was good, around 50-60 people.  Denver is a gaming mecca, having many groups spread out throughout the city.  Many of these people I know, but only manage to see once or twice a year, often at conventions.  Attending MagnaCon allowed me to mingle with these great people and catch up on their lives (Congratulations to Sarah and Travis on their upcoming new addition!).

The focus of MagnaCon is "epic" games: games which take a longer than usual time to play so they don't hit the table as often.  I saw Twilight Imperium (the very definition of "epic"), Starcraft: The Board Game, and many games of Eclipse.  Towards the evening the games shifted to shorter games: Chaos in the Old World, Discworld, Citadels and others.  Overall it was a great time!

Many people deserve credit for contributing to this year's successful event.  So, in no particular order: Dave Jones, Jeff Slagga, Nate Hayden, Eli Moreland, Brian Kowalski, Scott Lewis, and so many more.  I'd like to offer special thanks to the following people:

V.M. Livingston: The original 'founder' of MagnaCon, although she was unable to be involved this year.

Jeff Slagga (and Wife!): For picking up where Veronica left off and organizing a great event.  He shouldered the responsibility fo orgna

Dave Jones of Time Well Spent:  Dave both ran the dexterity games in the back (I'm awful at them, but many people love them...particularly the kids!) and offered many games as giveaways from his company:  There were some great games offered and the raffle was probably the only time the room was in rapt attention!

Great job to all of you and I look forward to attending again next year!
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