Friendly Links

This section provides links to my family and friends.  I've attempted to include links by grouping them into a category.  My only warning is some links here go to my friends personal blogs even if I categorize them as 'gamers'.  So don't complain if the Gamers' blogs don't go to gaming blogs (although most of them have gaming somewhere in their blog).

My Forums - Start location for Games Strategy and Tactics Forum

Game Related

Pawnderings - Seth's blog focuses on game news and reviews.  Particularly of a wargame or historical context. - Location for Through The Ages


Gummy Bear Seeks Swedish Fish - Akhtar's blog covers his life and personal things.  His game playing is improving by leaps and bounds.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Another friend and coworker, Kevin's blog includes a wide variety of topics, from personal to professional.

Ok, where is my family?  (And why don't they return my calls....)

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