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Through The Ages-Part XI-Culture:Future Event Card Culture

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Playing Event Cards
Every event card played to the Future Events deck gives the player adding the card points equal to the Age of the card played.  There is a delay between the time cards are taken in hand and the time they are played.  Age I event cards cannot be played before turn 3.  For the other Ages, there is a one turn delay between when the Age begins and when the events for that Age may be added to the Future Events pile.

If an event were played ever turn by a player the maximum culture generated is 34 points.  Many things conspire to make this maximum gain unattainable.  A player may not draw an event card to play, the choice of event cards available may have negative resolution events for the player, or the player may choose to use their political action for some other reason (Aggression, War, etc.).
Individual Games
From analyzing the games we see players' attain about 9 to 13 culture points through playing cards.  Those who finish first tend to average 11 culture, while those that finish last score around 9 culture.  This difference is relatively insignificant.
Chart of Player Finishing Order and Culture Gained From Playing Event Cards

Interestingly, the games where players scored higher cultures, everyone scored higher cultures, while those games with fewer event cards showed everyone scored fewer culture.  In short, everyone scores roughly the same amount of culture points through the playing of Event Cards.
Adding Events to the Future Event's deck does not seem to be a major focus of players.  Positive events are more likely to appear in Future Events than negative events, a not too surprising conclusion.  This simply reinforces that the culture differences among  players are in the Wonders and Buildings/Leaders/Other cards.

We will revisit event cards in the future to discuss strategy around Event cards.  I am beginning to believe there are alternatives which players need to consider
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