Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Through The Ages - "Where the Data Came From" comment and response

Shangliang Jiang asked where I received my data from.  The full comment is below:

"This is a really cool website! I haven't finished reading all your posts yet but the Robespierre post made me think.

What are your thoughts on the extensions? Also, I was curious how you got your data.


My response is below, and it describes where my data comes from:

"I'm glad your enjoying it.

The extensions are interesting changes and keep the game fresh.  I don't believe all of the cards are as equally balanced in TtA, some Wonders are significantly better than the base set.  That said, they are fun to play, which is the most important part of the game to me!

As for my data, I have one blogs on it from January 2012:

Originally I used 20 games, then I increased it to 100.  Not a whole lot changed with the increased set, mostly some minor jockeying for position, but there were a few changes.

The data game from the games played from Board Game Online ( completed games.  Each game was parsed and uploaded to a database turn by turn, action by action.  Being a SQL Master, I further broke down the data into usable portions for analysis.  Data was chosen randomly with the following conditions:
* No game had the same 4 players
* No individual player appeared in more than 3 games
* I did not participate in any of the games
* No game  had a player resign
* Games had to be played to completion.

I'd like mention a special call out to a friend of mine, Brian Kowalski.  Brian and I pored over different ideas of manipulating the data and discussing the results.  He had some good insights, and we were both surprised by some of the statistics.

Thank you for reading and commenting!"

See, if you comment, or help me out, I will mention you.  From this point forward you will be showered with riches, fame, and glory!  Well, your will get mentioned on the page!

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