Monday, June 17, 2013

Through The Ages - Cards - Rock & Roll Icon/Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley (Rock & Roll Icon)
Rock & Roll Icon was later
renamed Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley (Rock & Roll Icon) was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.  He learned to play the guitar from his uncles and a pastor.  At 13 his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee.  His teenage years were spent learning more about music, which seemed to predominate his thoughts.

In 1953 Elvis auditioned at several bands and record companies.  He was usually told he did not have the voice for singing.  He eventually found his way to Sam Phillips, who was looking for person capable of blending the musics of white and black.  On July 5, after a failed night of trying to find the right "sound", Elvis suddenly jumped up and started "acting the fool" while singing.  The members of the band joined in and Elvis Presley's singing career was born.  Elvis' musical styling made his music difficult to get played on radio as the style was different than any other existing music types.  Within a few short years, however, Elvis' music skyrocketed.

In 1958 Elvis was drafted into the military.  When he was released from service in 1960's he found, much to his shock, that his music career was not over.  He also returned from service with a taste for amphetamines.  He would go on to make 31 movies and would release over 711 recordings.

Elvis' music styling combined Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, and "Hillbilly", as Country & Western was known in the 1940s and 1950s.  Now referred to as "Rockabilly", a forerunner to modern rock music.
Game Stats
The statistics of the Rock & Roll Icon are average at best. Of the Age III culture leaders, he is the easiest to use.

Elvis Presley, the Rock & Roll Icon, like most Age III leaders, is a last ditch effort to boost culture.  From the statistics, he is not particularly effective.  In general, it is probably better to concentrate on a good Age II leader and build wonders than plan on switching to Elvis.  However, Elvis can assist in a happiness issue, which could be beneficial if it combines with some Age III bonus events.

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