Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekly Updates

For the past few months I have maintained a feverish pace of three blog postings a week, with a special post on Saturdays.  I have enjoyed it, but analysis is time consuming.  Since I recently lost my job, I need to concentrate more on my job search.  As a result I will be scaling back to just two posts a week: Wednesday and the "special topic" update on Saturday.

That said, I do have some exciting news!

Upcoming Items:
1)  I'm hoping to bring about a surprise for all my readers in coming months, something I believe gamers would  appreciate!

2)  What game(s) would you like to have analyzed next, after Through the Ages is complete?  I play all kinds of games, but I'm looking for suggestions of what would interest you.

3)  To the right is a poll which asks about what type of information in the gaming world you would be interested in learning about.  I hope to have some "guest" editors who may provide articles from time to time.

4) Lastly, if you know of any IT Management or software sales jobs in the Greater Denver Metro Area, please let me know.  I am currently out of work and looking hard to get on with a good company.  OR, if you need some IT Security Contract work performed, drop me an email or give me a ring (,  720.379.3821)!

Thanks for reading!

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