Sunday, November 25, 2018

Terraforming Mars - Up Next

Terraforming Mars

Been...a long time. But, I've decided to do similar analysis to Through The Ages on a different game: Terraforming Mars. This will be a card by card analysis, as well as the map, and a little statistics.

Terraforming Mars is a fantastic game, one I have played almost 50 times last year alone. This year I've easily matched that many games, if not exceeded it.

I plan on releasing one article a week (more when able). Usually it takes me awhile to compile the game results. After that, I need to get a format down and then I can usually replicate it fairly quickly.

On a related note, I plan on changing how the blog interfaces with the spreadsheets and charts. Originally, I embedded the sheets and graphics from Google, but overtime the links broke. So, I'm going to screenshot and capture the images, so the blogs will work regardless of Google's changes.

About Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars (TM) is designed by Jacob Fryxelius. The object of the game is to...well...Terraform Mars. Each player takes on the role of a corporation whose goal is to make the Red Planet habitable. The players run, and improve, the economy of their corporation to better achieve the goal of Terraforming Mars into a Habitable planet, earning

Habitable, not comfortable.

Players gather cards (called "Patents") and pay for these patents. Typically, each patent is a more efficient means of increasing some resource, or one of the "Resource Steps". The catch is every Patent costs 3mc to keep (yes, it is officially "Megacredits" and has it's own symbol, but  I'm going to use 'mc' to identify it as I can't get the TM currency symbol to appear easily where I need it).

Game End

The game ends when the planet's Oxygen is moved up by 14 steps (0% to 14%), Heat is increased by 19 steps (-30C to +8C), and 9 Ocean tiles are placed. Each of these "steps" gives the player who increased it an increase of 1 Terraform Rating (TR) and increases their income by 1mc.

Points are tallied based on Patents played, ending Terraform Rating, tiles placed, Awards and Milestones gained. The player with the highest points wins, and ties are decided on the player's remaining Megacredits. If you haven't played Terraforming Mars yet, I highly recommend it

PS: It is available on Steam and, except for a few bugs, works great.

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