Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ground Rules

Here I will discuss the games I've played, how much fun I had, and basically what happened. I can't really get into people's heads, so I won't be able to describe exactly what they were thinking, but I will discuss what it looked to me was going on.

I'm going to set the following rules for me on this blog:

1) I will not publish my opponent's names unless they grant me permission.
2) I will not bother with mentioning rules, and gameplay, unless specific to the game played.
3) The discussion will be in "third person", so there won't be any "I" this and "I". Players will be denoted by color, country, etc., relevant to the game being played.
4) This blog is as much for myself as for others. I'm recording it not to gloat (I'm not that good), but to look back and remember what happened. Plus, it ties in nicely with strategies I've tried, how they worked out
5) I will not publish any information on prototypes or unpublished games.

That's all, now, on to the games!

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